King’s Raid indeed is the awesome RPG ever on a mobile device. Vespa inc, the developer really put their creativity into this game. We are sure for you who already played the game feel the same way like us. Here, to make it more perfect, we offer you King’s Raid guide for new players. For some players who have difficulties to know the features of this game, just read our perfect guide below.

About the Adventure

king's raid adventure

Adventure in this game like a story mission in a usual RPG game. You will fight against a monster on each map. In order to get perfect clear, you need to achieve three stars. Sometimes you will also fight a boss whether you like it or not in normal map (Boss monster only appear in boss map). While you have the chance, keep leveling up your characters and optimize their equipment to anticipate that kind of event. For your information, until chapter 4, you cannot change your default hero.


This is the place where you fight against a real player. For the first time, you can control your hero in the arena unlike usual MMORPG on a smartphone which done automatically. Collect the arena points and exchange it with the rare weapon for each character. That is the only purpose why you must enter the arena. You can also exchange for another item not only the weapon.


The best thing about MMORPG without a doubt is about raids. You will fight three types of Dragon in this game. There are fire, ice, and black. If you think it will be hard to beat it alone, just summon your friends to aid you in battle. Usually, the raid boss will drop rare material to create new weapon or armor for your character. Always come back to this place to collect all the materials.

Tower Challenge

king's raid tower challenge

You will face off against a horde of enemies through this tower. You need to climb each floor to reach the top. For the first time, the reward is really lame. Later on, you will get a great reward but the difficulty to beat the monster also increase. If you like a challenge, this is the best place to make your dream come true.

Royal Vault

king's raid royal vault

This is the best place to get gold. This one is same as Tower Challenge but you only get the gold as the reward. This is the best farming place to obtain the millions of gold to buy items in the shop and upgrade your character.


In order to learn a new skill for your heroes, this is the only place to do it. Per day, you can only enter twice. After that, you need to spend rubies to come back again. If you manage to defeat the boss monster, you will earn a skill book. The skill which you get in the book is random. So do not get your hope high.


That is all the main features which new players should know. Of course, you can know this information by reading the in-game manual but there are some people who do not understand it properly. That is why we decided to help you to make the short explanation about it.