Valkyrie Connect is a turn-based RPG which have a good character design in it. Mostly, people play this one because of that reason. As for the gameplay aspects, it is not really different from usual RPG game. But, there is one aspect that makes this game quite hard. It is about the character and how to increase their power. It is not enough if you only equip a weapon and upgrade it. That is why you need to see Valkyrie Connect guide how to power up your characters.

Hero Quest

valkyrie connect hero quest

The first method is through hero quest. You can easily access this menu on the character status screen. You will enjoy each hero story along with power-up item which can make them become more powerful. There are two thing you can do in this mode.


You can promote your character after reached a certain stage. If your character rarity is common, you need to promote it to get the higher one. The best one is legendary. Be sure to get it to increase the status even more.


If you collect a certain amount of shards, you can upgrade your heroes. We are sure you notice your hero have a +1 on their status screen. It means you already upgraded it with a shard. Do not forget, each character has special shards which only suitable for them.

Choose A Gear Which Has An Additional Status

valkyrie connect gear

We really recommend you carefully choose the gear which you equip. You must select the one who has an additional status like inflict a paralyze attack or increase your attack power even more. This is really helpful if you fight against a boss. In order to get it, you need to summon a gear with diamonds. If you use mana points for the summon, you will only get the bad one.

Level Up Your Gear

Not only you can upgrade it but also you can increase the level of your gear. The perfect stage to level it up in the story mode. Sometimes, if your gear has an empty slot, you can get additional buff. This is random, so do not get your hope high.

Upgrade Your Characters Orbs

Each character has a special orb which automatically equipped with them. You cannot change it or remove it. The orbs will increase the specific status of your character. Be sure to upgrade it while you have the chance. Even though it cost a lot of money, it worth for doing so.

Final Words

Well, you already know how to power up your characters easily. If you have a difficulty face against a certain boss in the game. We recommend you to follow out guide to power up your characters dramatically.